Best and Reliable Service

Laser Moments is committed to offering you the best and reliable service when it comes to engraving and signage to a large number of industries. We assure the tasks would be finished on time and accordance to specification. In using the right equipment together with our expertise and experience, we give you a guarantee of an excellent service.

Safety Signage

Using the right engraving process and color, we give you a quality made safety signs you need in any type of business you are running. We use high standard materials to make the safety signs together with the right approach in making it visible. Our team is dedicated to finishing the work on time not only to give you satisfaction but also to ensure your goals are met.

We exert full effort to make each safety signage readable. Thus, we assure you that we would live up to your expectations.

Electrical Tags and Identification

Your goal is our commitment so we make sure that we have the excellent tags for you. Here, we put our expertise to the test by giving you electrical tags and identifications that are readable, permanent and reliable in all weather conditions.

Etched by a high intense heat of the laser beam on Steel, Stainless Steel and Brass materials, the marking is guaranteed permanent and eligible. We can engrave customized text codes, 2d codes, bar codes and serialized alphanumeric.

Here, we guarantee 100% of Tags are in correct text identification by preventing manual encoding and implementing automated importing of data from excel directly to etching of tags.

Specification Tags

Giving you a large number of experts, we rest assure you that the tags adheres to your Specifications. Our team is dedicated to produce and perform quality inspection on our finished products. We use our procedures to come up with a quality result that would satisfy our customers.  With specification tags, you could put your trust in Laser Moments.

Control Panel and Identification

Working with the best tools and equipment, Laser Moments sees to it the engraving and etching process made to control panels would be systematic and accurate according to your Specifications and customizations. Adding of experience and expertise to produce a high quality work, we assure you in Laser Moments we deliver you the satisfaction that you desire.

Lock Out Tag Out

We do the best we could when it comes to lock out and tag out kits. We are engraving permanently on locks according to your numbers, or alphanumeric codes making it a safe environment in your workplace, preventing accidental operations of Machineries, Electrical Panels and Control Panels, while a technician or engineer is in service of the equipment.  Combining expertise and creativity, we give you the services that proved high quality on many of our consumers. We see to it that the process would be made safe, on time and accurate.

We Are Passionate to Bring Excellence in Your Orders

We can produce you with wide arrays of internal and external signs, labels and tags for safety Identification using the appropriate selection of materials and technology, creating a proper and permanent identification. We have the products delivered in your offices in a timely manner.

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