Serving both industrial and commercial industries across North America, Laser Moments offers you the best, reliable and trusted service in terms of etching, engraving and signage-making. We are dedicated and committed to giving you not only the best results but also satisfaction. We make each of our services according to your expectation.

Located in the City of Calgary, founded in the southern part of Alberta Canada, Laser Moments Inc. started in 2015. Back then, we started with a small-scale product and eventually made it big, as we proudly offer you thousands of engraving products that are distributed in different parts of US and Canada.

Our owner and founder currently a Technical Expert in Equipment and in the laser Application Industry, for several years. He has a great engineering experience in project management at the manufacturing industry for 20 years.

Furthermore, our owner also acquired 20 successful years in the engineering industry that pertains to the small and big size levels. He also has a wide background and knowledge when it comes to Research & Product Development (R&D), Manufacturing Engineering and has skill set in the implementation of various quality and process standards in the manufacturing industry. These standards are FMEA, SIX SIGMA, PDCA cycle, DOE, SE, and Ishikawa diagram.

With several years of experience and expertise, we successfully manufacture and deliver our quality made and customized engraving products such as Safety signage, Door Signage, Awards and Recognition Plaques, Stamps, Office Signage, Badges, Oil and Gas Electrical Tags, Specification Plate and Control Panels labels and identification, Lockout Tag Out.

Each of these products is sure to be expertly made and processed according to your expectations. Therefore, you are assured to have the best products and services that fit your every need. Laser Moments Inc. offers these to you in the highest quality and competitively priced value.

We also have an expert team who gives you great service. Each of them is trained to do etching and engraving tasks. Committed and fully licensed, you could rely on our time to give you not only a quality product but also a fast and trusted service as well. They are sincere in giving you the best results in any work you order.

Aside from these, Laser Moments Inc. has a trusted customer support staff. They are willing to answer your calls and inquiries in a round of the clock basis. We make sure you have the best and accurate information you want to know. We give you information in the most effective and successful way possible.

Here at Laser Moments, we make our commitments, quality delivered on your doorsteps. It is simply because we care for our customers.


To give our customers great satisfaction through the best products marked with excellent quality. We aim to offer the best and reliable service through our great experience and expertise so that success and satisfaction from our clients are achieved. Your goals are our priority and we do the best we could to make it happen.


To be a world class leader by offering our services and products such as signage, identification, labels. We do our best to support both the industrial and commercial industries achieve the progress and success it deserves.

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