Your success is ours too!

It is our pleasure serving you and seeing your commercial business grow through the years. Your success is ours too! Here at Laser Moments, you are guaranteed with excellence and dedication through our commercial engraving, etching and signage-making services. Regardless of what you are looking for, we have something to offer to you. Browse the projects we have successfully done previously and see what set us apart from the others.

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What We Do?

Laser Moments has been in the industry for several years. These years of experience allows us to capture an expertise competitive with the market in US and Canada. We are utilizing the latest technology to provide you with a world-class engraving, etching and signage-making services.

In commercial Industries, We offer competitive designs and cost in making your door signage, hotel signage, stamps, awards and trophies, name badges, house numbers, and much more. Name it and we’ll do exactly as you wish.

Door Signage

Want your doors to have an attractive signage’s, identification or labels? Worry no more. Whether it would be your doors inside your offices, Hotel Rooms or the main door entrances, we got you covered.

Hotel Signage

Do you want your hotel business to have a clear accurate directions and information, easily recognized by your customers? Laser Moments is here to help. We can offer you acrylic signage-making services that are customized according to your own preferences.


We are using an engraving laser machine to create wonderful customized stamps for you. Let your company have a stamp to create a seamless labeling to your documents and files. Less hassle for your company to manually sign the papers as our stamp engraving service finally arrives

Awards and Trophies

If you are planning to hold an event and want to give recognition to the promising people in your company or organization, we can help you. Or if you want to customize your trophies and awards in your name labels, we are more than ready to serve you. We are holding large numbers of awards and trophies in our stock room. They can be made by customized engraving on acyclic, glass, wood or metallic plates, creating an affordable but high-quality award for employee recognition, sports competition, business recognition and sales promotion.

Name Badges

We can offer you our Standard and Hybrid laser designed badges, customized according to your needs. We have hundreds of designs in different colors, shapes, size, and materials to choose from. We guarantee quality and affordability!

Outdoor Signage and House Numbers

If you are in need of non-traditional and stylish outdoor signage’s and house numbers personalized by you or by us, we are here to help you. We can engrave on Wood, Bricks, Acrylic, Metal Plates, Plastics and Stones. Inquire now to find out how we can help you create your home numbers and signage’s right at your door steps.

We Are Passionate to Bring Excellence in Your Orders

We can produce you with wide arrays of internal and external signs and labels using the most extensive selection of materials and technology, creating not only modern but also traditionally-styled crafts if you wish. We have the products delivered in a timely manner.

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