Years in this industry, powered by experience, knowledge, and expertise, a very promising service that commits to excellence, quality and affordability. For all your engraving, etching and signage-making service requirements for both industrial and commercial needs have it in one place.

Welcome to Laser Moments!

Engraving, etching and signage-making services are utilized to create an excellent result for all industrial and commercial needs. Regardless of the complexity, sizes and numbers, we are passionate to bring you a satisfying result. To make this possible, we will utilize the latest technology that effectively provides a world-class result.

State-Of-the-Art Service

Laser Moments Inc. engraving, etching and signage-making can boast some of the most up-to-date computerized engraving laser machines – all which is compatible with the industry standard drawing package. We are using a technology that is fast, reliable and accurate in service.

Cutting-Edge Technology

Our computerized and large volume engraving, etching and signage-making services are the results of the cutting-edge technology widely used in the marking and labeling processes. The accuracy and preciseness of the products adheres to tight specification requirement of your company, in either commercial or industrial applications.

Reliable Products and Services

Our engraving, etching and signage-making services for the industrial and commercial businesses are very reliable. We had implemented automation in our processes to make sure the engraved text or serialized codes are accurate according to data and specification provided by our customers. We eliminate manual interventions to adhere on zero defect campaign drive.

We guarantee the material used complies with industrial grade and standards that is widely used in this kind of applications.

We want to keep a high level of quality services provided to our customers as we treat our customers as the most important contributor to our everyday success.

Fast Turn-Around

Our fast turn-around services will effectively provide you with excellent efforts in engraving, etching and signage-making services. We guarantee that we can provide the fastest result at the date and time dealt.

Guaranteed Satisfaction

We are not just manufacturing but we are delivering the customized engraved products to your offices or locations. All you have to do is to send us your requirement and talk with our representative so all the plans will be utilized immediately. We guarantee satisfaction every time you call us.

What Services Can You Avail at Laser Moments?

Laser Moments takes pride to provide high-quality and reasonably priced services. Our services are offered to commercial and industrial applications.

For the commercial service, we provide:

• Door Signage’s
• Hotel signage’s
• Stamps
• Awards and Trophies
• Name Badges
• Outdoor Signage and House Numbers

And for the industrial services, we offer:

• Safety Signage
• Electrical Tags and Identifications
• Specification Tags
• Control Panel and Identifications
• Lock Out Tag out

With all these services, we are offering a customized effort so you can get exactly what you want. We will give you a seamless process so you can comprehensively understand how it goes. You can expect fast result from us. We will be sending out the initial craft for you to check and see. Also, we will be showing you some of our samples for inspiration. Or, if you have your own requirement, it would be better.

For all you questions and concerns, you can call us. Inquire for a free quote now!